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tv   KTVU News at 6  FOX  November 25, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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a crash in el dorado county claims the lives of three bay area residents, two of them children. what we have learned about the victims.
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a awful thing to happen, especially around holidays. >> holiday weekend ends with more violence in oakland as two women are gunned down in an early morning shooting and what one neighbor says he heard. fog caused a few problems for thanksgiving weekend holiday travelers, we're live at sfo. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> good evening, i'm ken pritchett in tonight for ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. in oakland, the past 24 hours a lone, four people have been shot and killed. ktvu's cara liu tells us at least two of the victim were teenagers r. gunfire flashing lights and homicide investigators is what people woke up to this morning. >> seemed like a lot of shots, 15, 20. >> reporter:
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neighbor adam poe and his 2- year-old daughter were a sleep a few houses away. police were unable to say whether the two women who died lived in the area or what the motive may have been. >> when the officers arrived they found two females unresponsive in the street area. >> reporter: saturday morning police were out on 28th avenue after an 18- year-old woman was shot and killed. police say they are investigating whether domestic violence was to blame and saturday afternoon a young man was gunned down here in the street at 59th and san pablo. leslie phillips wanted to light candles to remember the victim. >> that boy was 19 years old. >> reporter: she runs a group that teaches people how to treat trauma and rushed over yesterday trying to help, but it was too late. >> when we are here yesterday there were 30 people standing around and watch and they didn't know what to do. >> reporter: she one of many fed up with the violence, four homicides reported in less than 24 hours
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this holiday weekend. >> it's very heart-breaking. i wish there were none. >> reporter: in oakland, cara liu. >> according to the oakland tribune, the two shooting deaths this morning bring the total number of homicides this year in oakland to 115. now that is five more than all of last year, when oakland saw 110 homicides. the all-time high for homicides in oakland was 175 set back in 1992. a 44-year-old man is under arrest after police say he had fatally shot a teenager who had gotten into a fight with his son. he shot and killed a 17-year- old richmond boy this morning outside of a house in vallejo's glen cove neighborhood. police haven't yet raced the victim's name. they say william's son had called him to say he had gotten in eye fight. that is when williams drove to the party and opened fire
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according to police. the victim died at scene. williams was later arrested alt his home without incident. a 14-year-old boy accused koiching, sexual assault and the attempted murder of a 65- year-old woman is expected to be arraigned tomorrow in vallejo. prosecutors say the suspect abducted the woman at gunpoint in a parking lot of the gateway plaza shopping in center in vallejo. is he charged with 10 felony accounts. the san franciscospoon sheriff's deputy accused robbing a bank is due in court tomorrow. we were the first to bring you the story of the arrest of 36- year-old deputy philip chung taken into custody earlier this month after authorities say he robbed a bank of america branch in the city's richmond district. is he scheduled to be arraigned and faced robbery and second- degree burglary charge. it has been a deadly holiday weekend on northern california roads.
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tonight investigators are looking into a horrific crash that killed four people, including two children. the victims were in two cars that collided last night on highway 50 in el dorado county near placerville. we get new information about the crash from ktvu's patti lee. >> reporter: heather, late this afternoon a chp spokesman says three people killed in the crash are from san francisco. they are presumed to be a family with one survivor, a 10- year-old girl. chp investigators are trying to determine why this prius crossed over four lanes ever highway 50 into the path of an oncoming minivan. the collision took place near placerville just after 6:00 saturday night. >> several have been flown to area hospitals, others have been ground transported and of course we have the for the fatalities. >> reporter: only one child survived. a 10-year-old girl who was seriously injured. the placerville family was in
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the minivan and a 4-year-old girl was killed. four others were not badly injured. chp says everyone on board the minivan was buckled up. neighbors say an injured deer spotted in the area might explain why the prius swerved across four lanes. >> oh, i think it's a high chance of being connected. >> reporter: chp says they haven't ruled out the possibility, but add right now there is no evidence to confirm that theory. investigators will now analyze the computers in the cars to determine how fast they were traveling when they collided. they tell me road conditions were likely not a factor. but the highway where the collision occurred is curvey and the posted seemed speed limit 65 miles per hours. >> the el dorado
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county coroner could do an autopsy. two people taken to the hospital of a wild car crash in san francisco. the accident happened about 12:30 a.m. in palmetto avenue. avenue. the explorer crossed into a home, leaving as you can see a gaping hole in the wall. the crash also took down a power line pole, which came down across the street. that temporarily knocked out power to the neighborhood. now to san josi where the highway patrol is investigating a rollover accident early this morning. it happened at about 2:00 a.m. on northbound 85. authorities say an off-duty san josi police officer happened to be nearby and went to the crash scene to help. at 6:30 a rise in traffic deaths in the bay area this holiday weekend the latest numbers from the chp and what officers say could have contributed to the recent
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incidents. a small plane that took off today from novato for southern california carbed on the campus of cal state northridge. the faa says it was headed for john wayne airport in orange county when the plane lost power. the pilot tried to make it to the nearest airport in van nuys. the pilot and passenger were taken to the hospital for minor injuries the faa and ntsb are expected to investigator this crash. this morning kutv's jade hernandez is live at san francisco interstate airline where some passengers wereied that up to two hours. >> reporter: we're live at sfo and those delays began at 10:00 this morning that caused a few issues for passengers trekking through this airport. we drove to sfo on 101 and ran into fog this morning just before we hit the airport.
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the fog became a problem for travelers. the duty manager explained at one point there was a two-hour delay for some passengers and by 2:00 the fog advisory was lifted and aloud for many flights to get back on schedule. within the last couple of hours the airport reports only regional delays, along the coast where patches of fog are still causing issues for pilots. exception right now at los angeles inbound and outbound travelers. with so many flights to and from l.a. when flights are backed up it's hard it get ahead of the delays. >> you could see the fog from the bridges and that caused us to reduce the number of airplanes that we would have land. normally on a beautiful time like right now, we can have 60 aircrafts arrive and hour without any problem. but when the fog comes in, we can go down as low as 30 or 28 flights an hour.
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>> reporter: on a normal given sunday 105,000 passengers travel through sfo. today the airport saw a total of 130,000 and those numbers came just within the past few hours. duty manage series with the new weather system expected to form later this week, today's relatively perfect weather helped passengers traveling on the second busiest travel days of the year and the same can be said at oakland international. that airport reported no delays today. reporting live jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. go to for the latest conditions at all three major bay area airports of the just scroll down to "airport weather." >> on our weather page. >> when i looked out of my window in san francisco didn't see much other than fog. let's check in with meteorologist mark tamayo. really dense out there and right now still a few patches across parts the bay area. also that cloud deck was stubborn, especially across the
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south bay neighborhoodses. this was the map showing you the fog hugging our coastline and filling the bay from parts of the north way down towards san josi where they had cloud cover for most of the afternoon. at last check they are reporting partly cloudy skies. with that persistent fog in the south bay holding temperatures down into the upper 50s this afternoon for san josi and morgan hill. but lots of sunshine for the rest of the bay area. santa rosa 66 and oakland 64 degrees. here is the bigger perspective in the pacific, and with the fair weather pattern, the stable weather pattern fog regroups, patchy in areas. we do have another system developing and a series of storms that we'll talk about quite a bit in the next weather sect. temperatures in the upper 30s to lower 40s. watch out for some areas of dense fog and cool conditions. coming up we'll break down the
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timing of multiple storms will approach the bay area and when the first band of heavy rain will move into your neighborhood. the crisis in egypt escalates as police and protesters clash in tahrir square. the demonstration planned this week that has some people there very nervous. plus, and holiday shopping hits an all-time high and what experts say made the biggest difference this year. plus in the driver's seat and the program at san francisco's auto show that allows people to take cars out for a spin.
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in continuing coverage of the crisis in egypt, this is one of numerous clashes today between police and protesters. they are angry at president mohamed morsi who granted himself sweeping powers last week and made himself immune to the district courts.
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tonight tahrir square the birthplace of the egyptian revolution looks like an occupy site. thousands of protesters have set up camp there. the square may not stay calm for long as president morsi's party the muslim brotherhood plans a massoy demonstration and protesters say they have no intention of leaving. >> reporter: things calmer in tahrir square where you have a few thousand people gathered here very much reminiscent of the 2011 egyptian revolution. you have food stands and people selling tea. here is a tea stand right here and lots of people talking politics. if you look at these groups here, these are all people that are debating their political positions and demanding that mr. morsi rescind his controversy decree. >> they have to start with the decree to be withdrawn and secondly, i would have to hope he would listen to the people. >> we're going oust him just
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like mubarak. >> reporter: factions opposed to mr. morsi continue to make moves to apply political pressure on the president egyptian nobel laureate and pro-democracy activist mohammed el-baradei, calling on mr. porshei to rescind his decrees. on saturday you will recall a judges' group calling to a nationwide judges' strike and it's not clear how many judges will heed that call because remember a lot of judges here in egypt support mr. morsi and the muslim brotherhood and so do a lot of egyptians. calling for demonstrations throughout the next few days and that is why there is a lot of drama that comes with these developments. you have mr. morsi, seemingly entrenched in power. the muslim brotherhood movement taking on opposing factions who are mobilizing, demanding for him to rescind his decrees. reza sayah, cairo.
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and tension is rising again in gaza and 6 minutes what israeli satellites or thely saw. authorities in massachusetts say they know what triggered that massive natural gas explosion we first showed you on friday. this blast leveled buildings and injured dozens in springfield massachusetts. they say a utility worker accidentally punctured a pipe about an hour before that explosion. >> if there is a certain level of gas to air mixture, then it's what is called an explosive level, he and at that point any ignition source can set the detonation and that could be a spark. that could be a telephone ringing. that could be a doorbell. >> 20 people were hurt. no one seriously. authorities say most of those injured were gas workers, firefighters and police officers who ducked for cover behind a utility truck just before the blatch. authorities in mountainview caught up with a s.w.a.t.
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team this morning an armed man barricaded himself inside his girlfriend's apartment. police say richard johnson locked himself into the apartment after he hit his girlfriend. the girlfriend got out of the apartment, but police say johnson remained holed up with a shotgun for seven hours. police say the crisis negotiation team managed to talk johnson down for a peaceful surrender. the coast guard suspended the search for a 16-year-old boy swept out to sea in humboldt county. the boy and his parents were pulled out in the way by big waves at big lagoon. the couple's daughter was reportedly the one who called 911 for help. retailers are now reporting record sales for the holiday weekend. according to the national retail federation, spending jumped almost 13% compared to 2011 and shoppers
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spent more on average of $423. retailers say being able to buy on thanksgiving day is now key. >> last year 24% of holiday shoppers who went out the entire weekend were out on thanksgiving by midnight. i think the numbers are going to show that this year we did even better than that. >> internet shopping broke a record and analysts report that black friday's online sales topped $1 billion tonight first time. that optimism expends to predictions for cyber monday analysts credit the use of tablets and smartphones besides the office computer for boosting on-line sales. another reason to not shop at work amazon, sears and k-mart will offer deals starting at midnight. the san francisco international auto show rolled
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into the moscone center this afternoon. 39 auto-makers are showcasing their 2013 models. a program called ride and drive allows people to take some of those vehicles out for a spin. it's the 55th year for this event and organizers say it's better than of. >> the manufacturers have stepped up and the size of the displays and number of products that are in the displays is very unique. >> well, attendees can also check out the academy of art university's classic car collection that is on display and exhibits from sonoma raceway as well as the ferrari club of america. the show runs through tomorrow. tensions rises once again between israel and hamas and what israel says it will do to any weapons headed to gaza. plus thieves take advantage of the season of giving and the efforts to find those responsibility for tens of
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thousands of toys for needy children. >> and the rise this traffic deaths in the bay area and what experts say is to blame.
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continuing coverage now on the conflict between influence and hamas. tonight there are reports that israel spy satellites have spotted an iranian ship being loaded with rocketstor gaza. david lee miller with the latest from jerusalem. >> reporter: according to the sunday times of london an israeli spy
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satellite spotted rocks that militanted in gaza fired at tel aviv in jerusalem. the israeli military is believed to have destroyed much of the stock spiel in the conflict. intelligence sources say the weapons shipment will likely be escorted by an iranian warship. the paper also says the cargo ship might contain longer range ballistic missiles to be deployed to in jaundfor use against israel. hamas says with the help of iran it will continue to try to rebuild its arsenal. workers in gaza are now rebuilding smuggling tunnels, two-thirds of which were destroyed by israeli airstrikes. according to the news agency iran prime minister called him to congratulate him on the great victory and said, "we stand by the pakistanan people."
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israel eased its gaza naval blockade and fishermen could cast their nets nautical six miles offshore, double the previous limit. in jerusalem, david lee miller, fox news. from bangladesh a horrific factory fire broke out in the garment district. officials say the-story building had no emergency exits and some of the workers jumped from the upper stories to escape the flames. some of those workers later died. firefighters say the cause of the fire remains under investigation. in spain, today was the day of parliamentary and regional elections. two-thirds of the voters in catalonia are supporting the parties calling on a referendum of independence from spain. catalonia has its own language and considers
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itself distinction from spain. and china heralds a military first. the chinese military says one ever its fighter jets successfully landed on the first successful sea carriers and says that the exercise marked the debut of the j-15 fighter jet developed in china. china bought carrier from the eucaine and has spent years refurbishing it. a dragnet in canada led police to recover three tractor- trailers full of donations stolen from the salvation army. officials are the organization in toronto say earlier this year they discovered that someone had made off with 100,000 toys as well as boxes food worth an estimated $2 million. canadian police say last friday their investigation led them to a storage facility in ontario.
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>> officers located toys and personal projects, items donated to the salvation army. army. still to come the new ad launched today supporting same- sex marriage. >> plus, the number of fatality accidents have more than doubled in the bay area. something you can do as simple with your cell phone can help reduce that. i will explain coming up. also more problems for the victims of superstorm sandy. the new issue that they are dealing with as they return to their homes. and the key piece of evidence investigators now say was overlooked in the casey anthony murder trial. and the ktvu apple is ready to download.
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a preliminary hearing is set for tomorrow for one of the suspects accuse of vandalizing a muni bus the night of the giant's world series win. 19-year-old nicholas hudson is facing one count of vandalism and one counterwillful teaching with a minus pal transit vehicle. he reminds jail in lieu of $40,000 bail. chp officers are in the process of wrapping up country crackdown and paul chambers is live. >> reporter: heather less than six hours the thanksgiving holiday will be officially over. take a look at the traffic, you
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can see people basically rolling back into town. chapel hill says their updated numbers show dui arrests are almost the same as last year, but there has been a spike in fatal accidents. with thanksgiving in your rearview mirror chp says statewide 25 people died on the roadways, six of which happened in the bay area. >> people out of their realm, traveling to different locations, different destination. >> reporter: chp says just before 2:30 this morning this car burned beyond recognition was involved in a high-speed collision near crockett. investigators say the driver died and it appears alcohol was a factor. from chopper 2 you can see parts of northbound highway 101 looked like a participant. chp says 8:30 saturday night a woman was killed on the, from stopping traffic for more than two hours. >> it's still under investigation at this time and that is one of their incidents where a pedestrian finds themselves on the forecast we don't know why. >> reporter:
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chp says in 50% of the vehicle- related fatal accidents this weekend people were not wearing seat belts and people say that appears to be the case in palo alto in an accident that killed two sisters. four of the family members were in the vehicle and will are expected to survive, but officers say in many cases although people do live, it comes eight cost with others left with serious to critical injuries. >> they are not counted in the statistics somewhere as far as facilitialities is concerned. it's still a major part of your focus is that we prevent majority injure accidents. >> reporter: chp says you can help by calling 911 if you see someone driving at accelerated speeds or swerving. a san mateo man is under arrest in connection with a deadly hit-and-run yesterday. they say 26 say-year-old hit a pedestrian.
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he was taken to the hospital where he later died. investigators say at time of the collision lopez a 5-year- old child in the back safety his car. neither the child or lopez was hurt. a san francisco man accused of practicing medicine without a license is due in court for a preliminary hear,. 4-year-old carlos guzman-garza is charged with several felony counts including reap, practicing medwinout a license and identity theft. prosecutors say nine victims have come forward in the case. a human rights group launched a new television ad aimed at pressing the supreme to rule in favor of same-sex marriage. >> america stands at the dawn of a new day. >> the ad is narrated by morgan freeman. the human rights campaign created the ad and comes ahead of a closed-door conference this week at the supreme court, where the justices are expected
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to consider which in any cases to take up. the challenge the 1996 defense of marriage act. >> the san francisco police department plans to hire new officers. it will start accepting applications for entry level officers tomorrow. now to be eligible you must be 21 years old, a u.s. citizen, have a valid california driver's license and a high school diploma or the equivalent. there is no maximum age limit. the application period will end friday, december 7th. the starting salary for san francisco police officers is $88,000 a year. the city of antioch meantime is hoping to offer a new incentive athlete at bringing experienced officers to its police department. the city council is set to consider a proposal on tuesday to change the retirement formula for both existing officers and transfers from other departments. if approved officers could retire at the age of 50, with a pension of 3% of their last year's salary, time the number of years that they worked for
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the department. antioch currently has 14 vacant positions. bird shooting will be allowed this week at mineta san josi international airport to help reduce the chance of bird strikes. staffers and biologists are allowed to shoot at birds. according to the mercury news they will fire blanks to scare the birds off, but they have permission to shoot and kill the birds about it they do not go away. san josi has reported 10 bird strikes in lost three year. authorities in florida say investigators in charge of the casey anthony case overlooked a possible key piece of evidence. the orange county sheriff's office says the computer investigator failed to see a google search for "fool-free suffocation methods." the search was done on a computer mainly used byby antho on the last day her 2-year-old daughter caylee was seen alive. casey anthony was acquitted of her daughter's murder last year. some survivors of superstorm sandry are
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infuriated after finding their homed were broken into over the thanksgiving weekend. one homeowner in breezy point, queens put up a sign to ward off other thieves. authorities say three homes were hit and 14 others burglarized earlier this month. the thieves made off with mostly jewelry and cash. one victim told reporters, "it feels like a kick in the gut." and new york governor andrew cuomo announced the latest storm clean up effort a grant from the federal government will allow the state to hire some 5,000 unemployed workers and young people to help with the clean-up effort. the state department of labor will administer the $27 million grant. there is talk of compromise tonight on capitol hill to avoid the fiscal cliff. republican senator lindsey graham says he may break his pledge to anti-tax lobbyist grove norquist. >> i'm willing to generate revenue. we're below historic advantages. i will not raise tax rates.
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i will cap deductions and long story short for the good of the country only if democrats will do entitlement reform. >> all the president that i have served with including reagan, clinton and the first george bush moved away from the position of no additional tax. >> they all added revenues to deficit reduction. >> without a bipartisan plan the bush-era tax cuts are expected to retire jarn 1st and spending cuts may kick in as well. they anticipate a second face- to-face meeting with president obama as soon as this week. also in washington republican senator john mccain backed off from fiery criticism of un un ambassador susan rice about the attack in libya. >> i think she deserved the ability to explain herself and her position as she said, but she is not the problem. the prose problem is that the president of the united states, who in a debate with mitt romney said that he had said it
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was a terrorist attack. he hadn't. >> senator mccain threatened to block susan rice's nomination for secretary of state. rice has maintained that she based her statements blaming the tack on protesters on cia information at the time. a new gallup poll shows that the afternoon ideal weight for men was 185 pounds. that is up 14 pounds since 1990. the average actual weight for men was 196 pounds up 16 pounds. for women, the ideal weight was 140 pounds. that is up 11 pounds since 1990. the actual weight for women, 156 pounds, also up 14. powerball lottery officials say they expect their jackpot tuesday to reach $425 million. that will be a record for powerball, which is played in 42 states here in the united states, but not california. the megamillions lottery played in the golden state has the all-
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time record for lottery prizes with a $656 million jackpot awarded earlier this year. that prize was split between three winning tickets. coming up, how one non- profit is helping homeless people in the south bay stay warm this winter. plus baseball season just ended, but a's fans are already gearing up for next year. and grab your umbrellas, channel 2 meteorologist mark tamayo tells us when the rain is expected to return to the bay area.
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♪ because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea. . a south bare charity is set to start eight operating its cold weather charlotte ehc lifebuilders runs three
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shelters the national guard armories. the program provides 275 emergency beds, some of them allocated for veterans, and people previously living in homeless encampments. they serve nearly 3,000 people each year of the shelters will remain open through the end of march. >> the timing is good given the change in our weather. meteorologist mark tamayo. >> heather and ken we're tracking a series of storms and these are not weak systems. moderate to heavy rainfall and strong, gusty winds. our main concern is the fog making a comeback. you can see floating around parts of the region, around the bay itself, looking out with our san francisco camera. also clear to partly cloudy skies right now. but some pasty fog does make a comeback that could impact your visibilities first thing tomorrow morning for the commute into work. right now live stormtracker 2, the cloud cover way to our north and temperatures are dropping off quite a bit.
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a look at current number it's already 48 degrees from flappa, santa rosa 55. lots of 50s in the board for san francisco, mountainview and also san josi. take a look at november, of course we have been tracking a few systems month, but the last few days of the month we'll really increase the rainfall lates. beginning wednesday, our first system moves in and stronger storms scheduled to move into the region primarily on friday, saturday and possibly into sunday as well so multiple days of heavy rain and gusty winds and building surf into friday and the weekend. right now just fog developing. that will be a concern first thing tomorrow morning for your monday morning. into the afternoon, partly sunny skies, a little bit of haze out there and temperatures most areas back into the 60s. here is a developing weather pattern. this area of low pressure sets up shop to our north and west and the flow around this will direct -- what we call an atmospheric river that will generate more rainfall, a
6:44 pm
series of storms. with that for wednesday, right on through sunday we'll be tracking moderate to heavy rainfall and those strong gusty winds. at least the heaviest rain will be focused on the north bay neighborhoods especially up tortes the north coast, but still a significant weather event developing for the entire bay area in the long-range forecast beginning wbz wednesday. here is our forecast model showing once again fog making a comeback in the inland valleys and near the immediate short- term. shoreline. tuesday, we thicken up the cloud cover. by tuesday night into wednesday, the winds increase out of south in advance of the first system just in time for the wednesday morning commute. so heavy rain pushing into the area. harvey rainfall expected wednesday morning. look at what happens wednesday afternoon? maybe a little bit of a break in the action, but there is more activity lining up in the pacific and we're expecting more rain clouds to push into the bay area. as far as temperatures we'll be dry tomorrow and these readings about the same as today. lots of upper 50s to lower 60s
6:45 pm
for afternoons highs. san josi tops out 63 degrees. mountainview, 63 and san mateo, 61. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast, and some big changes here, tuesday we thicken up the cloud cover. tuesday night we increase the wind and there we go. a lot of rain clouds here. i typed the word "rain" a lot on the seven-day forecast. [ laughter ] a.m. rain for wednesday, chance of rain into thursday and highest chances in the north bay. heavy rain for friday and with your weekend always in view, there we go with more rain clouds. once again these are not weak systems moving into the region as this pattern develops. >> i bet the letters "rain," are pretty worn on our keyboard." and that weather icon all over the map as you can see. >> thank tickets for the oakla
6:46 pm
first home-game of the 2013 season go on sale tomorrow morning. the tickets go-go fast. the team went to the playoffs last season for the first time in simple years. tickets for the home-opener april 1st will be available online or by phone starting at 10:00 tomorrow morning. tickets for the rest of the season will go on sale in january. well, coming up, the raider's quarterback carson palmer takes on his former team. plus, a changing of the guard as 49er's quarterback colin kaepernick has a stellar game. sportswrap is next.
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good evening everyone and
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thanks for joining us our early sunday edition of sportswrap. colin kaepernick started at quarterback for the 49ers in new orleans and showed poise under fire and then the 49ers defense put 14 points on the board to earn a supervictory in the super bomb. alex smith was ready, willing and able to play, but colin was told last night he would make his second start of his career. 7-7 in the 2nd quarter and saints punted ted ginn, jr. and the usual reliable gin missed the punt inside the red-zone. two plays later it's drew brees to marcus colston, that is a 10- yard touchdown. ust before halftime the 49ers defense stepped up. look at double nickel go. a 50 yard return for brooks.
6:50 pm
foreman comes out in the 3rd quarter and kaepernick leads them on the drive. they take the lead for good. very next saint's possession, dashon goldson flips it and here we go. a 42-yard touchdown for whitner and the defense rests. san francisco wins,
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miami wins 24-21. footballs got tested by tampa bay in florida today, but atlanta with a big play from the dynamic dueoy of matt ryan to julio jones going 80 yards for the touchdown. falcons pull off the win and atlanta 10-1 and bucks see
6:54 pm
their 4-game losing streak snap. today indianapolis against the visiting beautiful bulls, rookie kilton became the first player to score a touchdown and score another from a kick return in the same game. colts win and they are 7-4. remember last year they were just 2-14 [ applause ] peyton manning and the broncos winning their 6-straight game. manning's second pass to demaryius thomas. that is manning's 149th victory as a starting nfl quarterback, tieing him with another ex-bronco quarterback john ilway. 17, broncos 8-3, chiefs 1-10. ravens need overtime, but they beat san diego 16-13. jacksonville snapped it's own 7-game losing streak. cleveland forces eight turnovers to beat figure. browns visit oakland next saturday. >> bears maul minnesota 28-10 and jets and packers about to finish the first half with the
6:55 pm
giants leading 24-10. >> coming up st. mary's tries to avoid being stung by the yellow jacket it's basketball and it's next.
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. st. mary's spent the thanksgiving weekend in anaheim, participating in the new directv classic and today the ghezzal on the wrong channel. brandon waldow steals the ball and matthew feeds him under the basketball. waldow scores and gives the gaels the lead early in the second half. this game was for third place in the direct tv classic. brandon reed with 3 of his game tie 19 points and cal and pacific are playing in the championship game as we speak. stanford beat ucla to
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clinch. the final round on the european tour was supposed to be a dual between rory mcilroy and no. 2 luke donald, but today mcilroy won by two shots over justin rose. now mcilroy already won the money list for the european and pg&e tour and look at. this we gets one of the biggest trophies i have ever seen in my life. probably needs help carrying it. that is sports as we see it for this early edition of sportswrap. >> colin kaepernick and the 49ers beat the saints in new orleans. >> that was a big game. >> our coverage continues tonight on tonight's 10:00 news. we are following developments in the shooting in vallejo that left a 17-year-old boy dead and the father of another teen behind bars. >> thank you so much for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time newsbreaks and remember we're always here for you on-line at and mobile ktvu.
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we'll see you back here tonight at 10:00 everyone.


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